Grilled Mexican Corn on the Cob

It happens.  The mad rush to get over to your friend’s barbeque.  Corn…check.  Mayo, cheese, limes, chili powder…check.  Fancy serving dish…check.  Chihuahua…check.  Show up to friend’s house fashionably late (…one

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

The search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie has begun.  This could be dangerous … for my new fitness regimen … that I just started …  oh please, who am

The Local … A Foodie’s Food Truck (Colorado Springs, CO)

I first saw “The Local” at the Colorado Farm & Art Market, but I caught the tail end of the market and The Local had sold out.   I kept checking The

Brown Sugar Cashew Cookies

The weather was perfect on Saturday … perfect day for a motorcycle ride.   The motorcycle comes complete with a dog carrier.  The Chihuahua’s mobile; she’s always up for adventure.  I

Rocky Mountain Brown Sugar

In keeping with the theme of “recipes for an arid climate”….  I introduce to you “Rocky Mountain Brown Sugar!”  Ok, so there’s really ‘no such thing’ as Rocky Mountain Brown

Preserved Lemons

There is nothing like a big bowl of lemons on the counter to bring a little sunshine into your kitchen.  But, if you live in a bone-dry arid climate like

Chocolate Chipotle Bison Chili

There’s just something about the Rocky Mountains (and the foot of snow outside) that begs me to make chili.  The first time I made this chili, my view outside was as you

Rustic Mushroom Galette

  I WISH you could smell my house.  Buttery, fresh baked bread; rich mushrooms and tangy blue cheese.  What a treasure to find the “edible FRONT RANGE” in a local coffee

Raspberry Chocolate Scones

Happy Valentine’s Day!   You really don’t need a special reason to make these treats though; they are so easy to make, you can have them ready in no time for breakfast