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Hi! I’m Lynn. Welcome to TraveLynn Eats.  Join me in my cooking and eating adventures!

I love to cook (because I love to EAT!).  I also love to travel and get the opportunity to move quite a bit in the Air Force.  I’ve eaten my way through California, Texas, Wyoming, Virginia, England, Alabama, Colorado and Rhode Island.  I immerse myself in each of the places I live and (for me) that means digging in to the local food.

When I travel on vacation, I research the regional food and restaurants like some people research destination tourist spots:  Croatia, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Bosnia, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Hungary, Czech Republic, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Australia…  Eating is an adventure!

I hope to inspire you to explore your environment through food.  Come and join me!


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    May 26, 2016

    Ermagawd! Amazing pictures and recipes. That Blizzard 2016 chili…I’m gonna have dreams about that. What a great blog!

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      May 30, 2016

      Thanks Lisa! The chili was a real treat during that blizzard. Thanks for stopping by

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